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#tbt to the best group Halloween costume ever.
Setting dat mood.


"The Glass Menagerie" on the fourth floor of a warehouse in Pittsburgh

Scenic: Joey Sarno

Media: : Jordan Harrison and Kevan Loney

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Técnica mixta 2013 by joseba.eskubi on Flickr.
Belated #tbt with @taylorperrotta
Apparently I didn’t hear about National Siblings Day? I’m not sure how I missed it with those ears…
Tent tent tent.

Hey, it’s after noon. (#regram @kenziwilbur) (at Food52 HQ)


Hey, it’s after noon. (#regram @kenziwilbur) (at Food52 HQ)

“What’s the most important thing about theatre?
Find your artistic home.
Be around people that you want to be with, that you want to and can work with well, and you will be an overall happier person.”


Kerro Knox

Head of the Theatre Department at Oakland University

Lighting Design Instructor

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